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General news or happening at both at and outside of the Plant Clinic

Never stop learning

Earlier this month, I sent a couple of our Plant Clinic personnel to Florida with a group of AgriLife Extension county agents and specialists to tour some areas that has been affected by the disease, Citrus Greening.  This visit also allowed them to interact with researchers, extension personnel and growers in Florida, and also interact with our own AgriLife Extension county agents.  I charged both of them to submit a narrative report which is posted below with photos.  The ultimate purpose of this trip is the continuing education… Read More →

What is Plant Pathology?

Today, we celebrate the last day in August.  I had mentioned some of the activities that happened at the 2012 American Phytopathological Society meeting (which is the professional society for Plant Disease people).  The plenary session was targeted to help us (the plant pathologist) to be better communicators of our discipline.  The speakers made a video of people in their neighborhood asking them if they would support the efforts of the American Phytopathological Society.  It was pretty funny (and sad) to see the responses of these folks as… Read More →

New school year and more meeting still to come

Today is the start of the new school (2013/2014) year here.  Texas A&M University students are back – new students are looking for their way around campus.  The past few weeks has been extremely busy for all at the Plant Clinic with meetings to attend, samples to process and plant disease surveys to complete. I may tell you more about our summer activities in the future. You can always check out Clinic calendar to see what folks at the Plant Clinic are up to. Earlier this month, I… Read More →

In our email box – live oak leaf drop….NOT

About a week ago, I got an email in our PlantClinic box about live oak.  The gentleman had read my blog post on the annual texas live oak leaf drop (March 2011).  He had a very interesting question based on his observation of this tree. Below is the email he sent: After many years of watching my live oak trees lose their leaves every April – this year, one of them did not lose its leaves. Is this something to be concerned about? Was it last years drought… Read More →

Today in history – 150 years ago.

What does Abraham Lincoln and 30,000 acres have to do about this day in history? July 2, 1862: 150 years ago, President Abraham Lincoln signed the Morrill Land Grant College Act into law. It was this act that donated 30,000 acres of public land to “several States and Territories which may provide Colleges for the Benefit of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts”.   It was this act that provided for the establishment of colleges such as Texas A&M College (now Texas A&M University). Now you know what the A… Read More →