What is Plant Pathology?

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Today, we celebrate the last day in August.  I had mentioned some of the activities that happened at the 2012 American Phytopathological Society meeting (which is the professional society for Plant Disease people).  The plenary session was targeted to help us (the plant pathologist) to be better communicators of our discipline.  The speakers made a video of people in their neighborhood asking them if they would support the efforts of the American Phytopathological Society.  It was pretty funny (and sad) to see the responses of these folks as they struggle to figure out what the American Phytopathological Society is.  It was also humbling to see that that the enthusiasm that is displayed after an explanation of what the American Phytopathological Society is and do.  It was a vignette to highlight how the APS is viewed by the general public.  I hope that they will post that video sometime soon so that I can share it with you and laugh along with you.  But there is something good for this friday.  Also at annual APS meeting in Providence this year is the debut of a short video describing what we (plant pathologists) do.  I hope that you will take a look at this and provide us with some comments: like it, hate it or Huh?



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