New school year and more meeting still to come

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Today is the start of the new school (2013/2014) year here.  Texas A&M University students are back – new students are looking for their way around campus.  The past few weeks has been extremely busy for all at the Plant Clinic with meetings to attend, samples to process and plant disease surveys to complete. I may tell you more about our summer activities in the future. You can always check out Clinic calendar to see what folks at the Plant Clinic are up to.

Earlier this month, I spent a week in Providence, Rhode Island at the annual American Phytopathological Society (APS) meeting.  The thrust of this year’s theme was ” Communicating Science”. It was an interesting plenary session where questions were put forth on whether the general public know what PHYTOPATHOLOGY is.  Then there was also the part where scientists are taught how to convey and articulate their work…..”get to the point already!”.  Apparently, the stereotype is that scientists harp on the details when most people rather have the general picture first.  Something for me to remember.

One of the annual activities leading up to this meeting is a video competition sponsored by the APS – Office of Public Relations and Outreach.  A winner this year is a graduate student from the Ohio State University.  It is a nice short video on “What is Plant Pathology?” .





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