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Written by Kendall Grier – TPDDL Student Worker; Edited by Hannah Ayala – Extension Assistant Disease is everywhere! As plant diagnosticians, we are constantly reminded of this everywhere we go. One of these reminders is daily as we walk into the lab for work. When you walk into the Centeq building (the building where the Texas Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab is located) you are greeted by some spotted Indian Hawthorns. At first glance they look very pretty, almost as if the color change is caused by the changing… Read More →

Actinopelte Leaf spot

The following is a blog post writing assignment from 2013 summer BURS (Bioenvironmental Undergraduate Research Scholar) and BESC 484 student, A. Brake.  As previously mentioned, the student is asked to submit a short write up of something that interest them (related to plant pathology) which they may have seen or heard about in the Plant Clinic.  They are also highly encouraged to take photographs of subject (training in photo documentation).  Ms. Brake submitted a couple of excellent photo with her assignment below where she used a Dino-lite digital… Read More →