Oak Wilt…in the wild.

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Happy Friday to all (11/20).  This last month has been one with a lot of angst and headaches.  The Texas Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab is experiencing issues due to loss of personnel – on to sickness and one to a new endeavors.  As a results, things are more hectic and phone does not get answered in a timely fashion and reports are delayed.  I do thank all for their patience with us.  On a bright note, we just started 2 new student workers (takes time to train them too…) and I am looking to hire an Extension Assistant to function as a assistant diagnostician and survey screening technician. If any of you interested, email me.

SO ComancheR_02last Friday, I spent the evening in Comanche, TX.  I was out there to hunt deer (stress relief) AND to do some plant pathology stuff. This is managed land that has been struggling with drought and heat stress, and OAK WILT.  Just so happen this land belongs to a friend who needed some help with dealing with the oak wilt issue.  Over the past 3 year, we have taken strategies to create “islands” to prevent the movement of the oak wilt fungus from moving quickly throughout the land (Did you know that the fungus can move through the roots?) and replanting with a more tolerant species of oak and other tree species.  So far it seem we are still containing the problem.  But every year, there are more trees that succumb to this disease. Oh

One tree still have its leaves.

One tree still have its leaves.

yeah, I should mention that this is occurring on his live oaks primarily.


Leaves that fell from the tree, found on the ground exhibiting veinal necrosis symptoms.

In the photos, you should be able to see a lot of defoliate live oaks. And when looking around under those trees, we often find leaves exhibiting veinal necrosis.  Not necessarily a fool-proof diagnostic symptoms, but it point to probably oak wilt issues.

To learn more about oak wilt in Texas, check out http://texasoakwilt.orgComancheR_04

Have a Great Weekend, and Happy Thanksgiving! -KO

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