Plant Clinic activities

The Texas Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab is some what obscure in many aspects.  Lots of people do not even know we exist. Much more does not even know what we do.  There are many aspects to the activities of the Plant Clinic.  The primary function of the Plant Clinic is to provide plant diagnostic support.  This include confirmatory diagnostic services as well as educational services.  On the education side, as a part of Texas AgriLife Extension Service, we help out with Master Gardener volunteer training.  We also help support county agent programs such as Pesticide License applicators continuing education programs and other public outreach programs.

Recently, I tasked a student worker (C. Richards) to put together some videos with the following goals in mind: (1) Tell people what we do in less than 2 minutes, and (2) highlight some of the stuff that we would like to see from folks who submit samples (i.e.. how to sample or how to package).  I am glad to present the debut of Crime and Pathogen – enjoy… [ somehow I just get this “bad boys….what you gonna do when we come from you…” song out of my head when I see this].  I hope that more video project will follow along soon.

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2 Responses to Plant Clinic activities

  1. kevo says:

    Thank you for your question. Please email us with your location and some photos if available. I have not heard of an increase in the weevils but will pass that question along to the entomologist.

  2. We have started noticing more black beetles (palm weevils?) on Texas Sabal Palms lately. We had this issue many years ago and they seemed to disappear for several years but now seem to be coming back. These small black beetles suck the chlorophyll out of the palm fronds making the fronds very unsightly. They seem to reproduce on the fronds with small cocoon like nests. Do you have any current news of these pests becoming a problem again? Can you please send us any information you may have on eradication or treatment?
    Thank you! Sincerely, Scott Pajeski