R (resistance) gene theory

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Ever wondered why some plants get sick and others don’t?  For example, there are many varieties of roses but they do not all get affected by the blackspot fungus similarly.  The Peace rose is highly susceptible while Knock-out rose is quite resistant. What is the basis for this diverse interaction between the pathogen and the plant.

Today, I am sharing with you the Grand prize winner of the APS Office of Public Relations and Outreach 2011 Video contest.  The “bright” folks at North Dakota State University explains the resistance gene interaction (gene-for-gene) theory in an entertaining format…. in a manner of speaking.  Things get a lot more fun in this video after 1:10.  Enjoy… tomorrow you get the 2011 Judge’s Choice awardee.

sidenote: I do not remember having that much creativity or time as a graduate student…..


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