Back in the saddle

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Greeting to all at the end of January.  This month has been extremely challenging for me with bouts of sickness.  Hence the extended silence in the blog posts.  February will hopefully mark a month of recovery and catching up.  Also, the coming month will be filled with numerous Master Gardener intern training sessions.  Over the next few weeks, I hope to look back into our database and blog about some of the interesting things that came through the clinic while I was out sick.  But in the mean time, I wanted to share with you a new page on the website that was just launched today.  You might have notice a new tab on the right hand side navigation menu call HOT TOPICS.  I have envisioned that this tab would highlight some of the resources that the TPDDL and AgriLife Extension Plant Pathology unit had a hand in developing.  The first of such is a page for Citrus Greening.  In 2010, several plant pathologists were involved in the Citrus Health Response Program with particular emphasis on Citrus Greening, a disease that has not been found in Texas (yet).  As a result, several printed products and videos were produced from the funding that were provided through the CHRP and the Texas Citrus Producers Board.  The Citrus Greening & Citrus Health page serve as a clearinghouse to these informational pieces.  Check out this page for the various education and awareness material on Citrus Greening.  In the future, additional hot topic items will be added and the HOT TOPICS tabs will serve as a quick portal to those information.

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