On June 1, 2011, a new fee schedule was implemented at the Texas Plant Disease Diagnostic Laboratory. The following is a detailed list of the current fee schedule.

If you have any questions regarding samples, how to prepare and pack them, shipping or any questions regarding the new fee schedule, please call us at 979-845-8032.

ROUTINE SAMPLE $35/sample  (out-of-state sample add $20 surcharge)
SPECIALIZED TESTS – Special requests
Nematode detection assay (plant or soil sample) $35/sample
Bacterial identification using fatty acids $55/culture sample
ELISA-based testing (bacterial or viral) $55/requested test
Phytoplasma detection (Lethal Decline/ Lethal Yellowing)-PCR analysis $55/sample (out-of-state sample add $20 surcharge)
Rose Rosette testing (PCR analysis) $55/sample (out-of-state sample add $20 surcharge)
Virus assay forwarded to External Lab $35 + External Lab’s fees * (out-of-state sample add $20 surcharge)
Pierce’s Disease of Grape (Texan Only) – QRT-PCR use form 1004 $50/sample (1st – 5 sample, $10 subsequent samples)
Pierce’s Disease of Grape (Texan Only) – ELISA use form 1004 $30/sample (1st – 5 sample, $10 subsequent samples)

* the TPDDL will choose appropriate tissue for testing, will pack and forward the tissue to appropriate external laboratory, and will provide a final diagnostic report

Phytoplasma and Rose rosette virus detection is process approximately once a week, depending on sample submission.  Turnaround time is 14-21 days.  Please contact if need quicker turnaround for diagnostician/technician availability.

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