New Year news – much activities and COLD


This year went off with a start where the Plant Clinic remains busy with many different activities.  Here are a few highlights: Many of you may have notice a new posting on our Facebook page called “Sample of the week”. This project/task is headed by our new Extension Assistant (newly graduated former student worker), B. Commer.  The goals is to post an interesting thing that is received by the TX Plant Clinic once every 1-2 weeks. Check out and like us on Facebook. Thanks to colleague, Dr…. Read More →

Cladoptosis: An interesting phenomenon


Cladoptosis is a process in which trees shed their branches or “self-prune” as part of their normal physiology or in response to stress through the formation of an abcission layer at the branch base. Sources of stress which may contribute to this shedding include drought, soil and root compaction, or presence of disease. In the case of certain tree species, however, none of these factors need be present in order for Cladoptosis to occur. For some tree species, including larches, pines, poplars, willows, maples, walnut, ashes, bald cypress, and oaks,… Read More →

Identifying bacterial infections in submitted plant samples.

Bacterial streaming  from diseased plant tissue. Bacteria was later identified as E. amylovora.

This is another assignment submitted by BESC484 student, B. Commer, as a partial requirement for the course.  We typically get an uptick of bacterial issue showing up in the TX Plant Clinic in the fall. One of the student’s assignment is to document what they do in a manner to explain to non-plant pathologist or microbiologist what they do.  Enjoy- KO   Ever wonder just how the diagnostician can confirm bacterial plant pathogens? It starts with a very simple yet fascinating test to check for what is called… Read More →

The Plant Clinic’s newest crew member.

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A little over two weeks ago,  we welcomed a new employee to the Texas Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab.  Ms. Hailey Edwards was hired as the Business Assistant for the Plant Clinic. Her task includes handling business functions for the diagnostic lab, assisting in processing incoming plant samples, and providing administrative and clerical support to the lab.  Hailey has recently graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Horticulture. One of her task would be to provide customer service support to our clientele. The Texas Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab… Read More →

Mushroom rings invading your yard?


This is another assignment submitted by BESC484 student, B. Commer, as a partial requirement for the course.  This was a situation that was pretty rampant 1-2 weeks ago after the rain we got in many parts of Texas.  Some of these mushroom are still present.  Enjoy- KO   Are mushroom rings invading you yard? Over fifty different species of fungi have a unique characteristic of creating circular patches of mycelium lined with fruiting bodies on the outer edge. Grasses and turfs are most susceptible to these mushroom “fairy… Read More →