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Happy Holidays. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

The Texas Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab will be closed from December 23, 2001 to January 1, 2012.   Today has been a hectic day trying to get everything done so that we can really go on a break. The student workers are off on their semester break. Things in the labs still continues. As with most biological type work, things must go on living.  So someone will have to come in to check on the cultures.  Lately, we had been getting some rains throughout Texas.  It is also… Read More →

Plant disease and their worldwide impact.

One of the reason that I am interested in plant diseases is that the microbes causing these diseases can have a huge effect on humankind. It also gives me some satisfaction that with a plant pathology degree and my innate curious nature, I can “hopefully” make contributions to stop or manage some of the plant disease problems that can detrimentally affect humans. Recently, I came across a news report which mentions a slump in Indonesian cocoa exports in part due to a disease called Vascular-Streak dieback. That report… Read More →

Dye-infused living plants. Whadya think ’bout that?

First my disclaimer – I am a plant pathologist, not a horticulturist. But I do like plants A LOT.  Ever so often, something that I read captures my eye.  This week it was about dye-infused plants, in particular a spotlight on about a dye-infused yellow anthurium (Princess Alexia Yellow) that was introduced to the European market.  This plant is not available to growers in the US.  I thought it was great because of the discussion that ensued amongst the readers of this site, usually professional ornamental production… Read More →

Tips for sending samples to the diagnostic lab and more…

The last few weeks have been challenging with travel and ensuring that all things work smoothly at the Texas Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab.  A few good news and a bunch of not so good ones. On the good side, we will be receiving some (minor) funding in a collaborative project with several other universities to take images of plant pathogen and to catalog them so that it may be used as a tool and reference for pathogen identification. We are also expecting a new staff member (Extension Assistant)… Read More →

Interesting things learned at a Fruit meeting.

The past two weeks have been “fast and furious” with samples, students, interviews and customer service responses.  I wish that there are more people in the Plant Clinic so that we are able to provide a better service to the folks.  Unfortunately I only have one diagnostician, several able-bodies students and a limited amount of time.   Another things that I wish for is that meeting are all done in College Station, where I can come and go as I like and still get work done at the… Read More →