SPDN-GPDN joint meeting

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On the 19th and 20th of October, diagnostician from the Great Plains Diagnostic Network and the Southern Plant Diagnostic Network is meeting at College Station, Texas.  This is an annual meeting where regional network meet to discuss the past year and new things that may be in the works with respect to plant health.  This year, these two regions decided to meet together.  It is of interest to note that Texas is unique in that there are TWO diagnostic labs: one in College Station(SPDN) and another in Armarillo(GPDN).  At this year’s meeting, two concurrent pre-meeting workshops are offered. One is a demonstration of real-time detection of Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus, causal agent of Citrus Greening, and the other is a insect vector of Candidatus Liberibacter workshop.  There will also be a tour for the participants of this meeting – visits are scheduled to the USDA Pecan Breeding facility, The Rose Emporium production fields and an experimental vineyard in Brenham. This short meeting serves as a venue for discussion amongst diagnosticians and to “recharge our batteries” to continue another year of protection our United States agriculture.

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